Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mexican Surfing Adventure

The approach into Mexico. I heard a lot of warnings that Mexico is shady and the druglords love gang banging gringo's and robbing you and killing fools for not appreciating their music. This is total nonsense except for the part about the gang banging. Mexicans invented donkey shows so a lil gang bang is like disneyland for these fuckers. 
My trip to visit the 7 sisters of Baja California located approximately 400 miles south of the border. Let me just begin with this. Camping is not my thing when its cold. I only tolerate camping/being cold if there are smoking hot chicks or waves involved, and even with smoking hot cunt is not key. Thank you Jake. 
Went down all the way to Punta Rosalita. It sits at the bottom of the seven famous pointbreaks. We started our journey at the WALL. Not black wallstreet here. This shit was cold blooded...but mostly just cold from the Northern desert winds that made me weak in the knees and small in the pants. 

Lots of flat top mountain hair do styles.

If you look in the center of the picture the partially deconstructed building is the "sign" to head down to the WALL. Yea mexico is infamous for its subtleties. 

Road to the wall. 

Sunset. Whatevs. 

Lots of open land. Nobody really fucking with you selling chicklets. I was pissed and on the search for churros. Had to settle for sweet emapanadas that were whatevs. 

Right Point break...the Wall. Onshore at 7am. Onshore is the new offshore. Weeeeeee weee in my wetsuit after a freezing cold night in the low 40's or maybe even 30's. Iphone was inactive down there. 

Mike Morgan in his Toyota whip. Shit handled well with the new improvements...lifted, tired and reeking of dope. Yeaaaaaarrr!

Right Point break somewhere along the trails. 

It looks like a good setup if you like perfect breaking right pointbreaks.Too bad it was only 2' .

This is the "harbour" that Mike swears by. I just did my research and apparently some Mexican asshole is doing what was done to the now flat as fuck KILLER DANA to a bunch of point breaks in Baja California. At any rate, their corps of engineers didnt realize that it faces north easterly which is where massive sand dunes are. Sooo to make a long story short, the fucking sand dunes are blowing chunks of sand storms all day long 300 days out of the year. Idiots. They destroyed a perfectly beautiful point break. There is some good news however, the man made jetty that was constructed has actually started to form a perfect cresting wave that is a sand bottom kira-like even. In another 30 years when the sand blows over the PEMEX station at the harbour we shall all laugh about it over TECATE'S. 

High above the scorpions. 

Sunrise at Allejandro's in Baja Mexico. Pretty fucking ridiculous if you ask me. 

Sandy beaches without footprints. Just what yours truly had in mind when on this trip. Gotta love MEXICO. 

I suck at making iMovies. Don't even bother watching it. It sucks.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The motha fucking MONDAYS

Started off the day with a little surf break at lunch at good ol El Porto with the NOTESFROMTHEHOLE.COM author sir Jacob Jahn, his co captain pet slave Tram and their sex slave DeFaz. At any rate the surf was epic looking when i pulled soon as I hit the water gale force winds picked up and it got SHITTY as fuck. Perfect. Board even sliced my wetsuit open and bruised my leg flesh. No picture of that.

So Chris' girl Mellisa finally turned 21 and we all went to this wacky speak easy style bar in little Tokyo to sing karaoke, drink some Sapporo Premium and smoke as many grizzlers as humanly possible inside the bitch until the air quality was comparable to Gauangzou China.  They even made a sign for our party. 

This was the owner/barkeep Joe. He's a radical dude with an affinity for Elvis, pompadour's, gold  jewelry and beer. Basically he and I got along right from the start. He even asked if I wanted to try on the ring...I declined but nigga almost got D-bowed. 
Chris trying to see if we could listen to other music...nope. Only Karaoke music around here. 

Mellisa, singing some weird southern song I never heard of. Sounded pretty good but I was mostly eyeing down her lil friend(bottom left) who was a midget practically but kinda not so bad on the eyes if you know what i am saying.  I hate it when girls wear oversized clothing to cover up their curves. Especially when me and JAMESON are working together in the evening time. 

Rossi and PiƱata singing a duet. 

No giving to bums...I dont like signs that tell me what i can and can't do. Not that I condone giving money senselessly but I do when a sign tells me not to. 

Remember your 21st birthday? Its hard after vodka and tequilla shots, falling over bar stools and laying in puddles of rain...All in all it was a fun night. Fun was had by all.