Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Salt Creek

Apparently there used to be good waves at creek!

Salt Creek before all the humans moved into orange county and made the place a zoo

This is the same view 50 years and a ritz carlton later

Monday, April 4, 2011

Like a fine wine I appreciate swine Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova was born in 1973 which means in this picture she is 37 in this picture. Not too shabby, and definitely not too flabby. Oh and there is a party in the back. GOT DAMN! My uncle who recently moved to Ukraine to follow a career in playboy'ing and kickin it told me that his uncle told him when he was younger...."She has an ass that makes an old man like me cry" Pretty classic. I need to figure out how to get her bobby digitals next time I'm in Europe.


Pretty amazing Czech beauty. My uncle swears by these Eastern European women, and I am starting to believe he is correct. But there is obviously a large difference between fucking supermodels and the Russian Mail Order Brides he's talking about. I think at least. 

She's got curves. Why didn't my father tell me growing up that if you want the hot chicks you gotta get really good at music and be a rockstar. They get to have sex with women like this! Fortunately for me, I have more attitude than most rockstars and I'm tall so yeeee. 

Afternoon snack take me out to the ball game. 

When was the last time you had a 10 laugh at one of your stupid fucking jokes. If you're me its obviously only a few times in a year....maybe for you its never. My uncle swears that he is funny with women, I think he's full of shit

Models really capture that feeling of "Wow God is a man"

She is a little old for my liking, as i stick to the sort that are under 22  typically. But for this sort of Cougar I'd break my usually strict guidelines to life. 

You know what's weird about Eva, she got better looking with age. I konw this doesnt make sense, women don't do that. Only men get better looking with age. But look at the evidence! Well ignore how PERFECT her ass is for one second and look at her face. Is it me or was she slightly retarded looking? 

I said ignore the perfect ass!!! 

Look at that mongaloid head!! See I told you it was weird! 

Ass again. Why dont girls rock this style of bikini? High cut wedgie bottoms=boner(s)

This shoot is from a few years ago, I think she is like 31 or 32. Looking pretty flawless, I'd control that sheer burka. 

Sure why not, sex in the afternoon is coo

I think she might of just lost the baby fat and turned into an Eastern European Goddess. Her ass still looks pretty fucking good. 

 I always wonder why the porno from Eastern Europe always ends up with anal? I mean ridiculously hot chicks doing super gross shit. That's a whole other post. 

This is sexually frustrating

This is also sexually frustrating 

This is VERY fucking sexually frustrating 

Oh fashionbation?  
Marble, naked supermodel. FUCK. I should get more involved in photography. 


From behind? OK

Tit Bags

Sometimes you feel like  a nut...sometimes you don't. I on the other hand can always appreciate a voluptuous woman.  This  dude on the right looks like a mexican who just discovered duct tape. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" The black dude that is in the background is also looking suspect...except he is trying to look hard for the camera, not checking out the girl... this big tittied bitch prolly has no ASS which explains the lack of concern. Just my professional opinion.