Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Surfing

I wish this were me now. This dude got his brighties on.

I think Buttons might have been from the future. Legend.


Siiiiick barrel stance...

Local at surfrider?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Georgia Jagger is not legal

So this lovely looking seventeen year old girl is modeling for HUDSON jeans in their latest advertisements. I question their choice of using an under aged girl for their national and international campaigns albeit she does have a striking resemblance to Bridgette Bardot, her mom is Jerry Hall and her father is Mick fucking Jagger,she's famous for being famous, she's rich and beautiful and privileged, she probably has Kate Moss' BBM, knows Sarah Palin's daugther on facebook,  but other than that what an odd choice of models!...I always thought this sort of shit was considered borderline kid porn, but apparently nobody gives a shit anymore. It doesn't show anything but it certainly insinuates. What can you expect its Mick Jagger's daughter. Of course this sort of shit is normal. Its 2011.

Django, seen here ("I awake" is what his name means in who gives a fuck) cuddling up on his 17 year old gal pal. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree for this couple. Georgia, the daughter of Jerry Hall, former fashion model and sex toy of Mick Jagger linked with Django the son of rockstar Dave Stewart of the EURYTHMICS. This Django is also starting a band of his own..they are going as DJANGO JAMES and the MIDNIGHT SQUARES.  They suck, but you can watch their gay ass video and be the judge. 

Topless Teens

Yes quite similar~

In case you wanted to see her boyfriends band....

Now for her boyfriends dad's music. Which is obviously in a whole other league.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't wear fur. Yeaaaaaa OK.

THANK YOU EVA MENDES! Not only are you that sort of slutty hot that makes men say stupid shit and adopt dogs, but you also are down to get naked to convince us! So thanks, I am saying this as I chew on a piece of un-organic beef jerkey, wearing a fur trimmed jacket and thinking of my next hamburger which might end up being my dinner acompanied with an IPA.  I, a humble and simple man appreciate you. Even if you probably cant cook a GOT DAMN thang! Let alone a piece of meat. Which brings me to how ridiculous women have become. Go back to being mommies and masters of the kitchen. No dude I know gets an erection if he hears about a woman working as a CEO or CFO or PLO or any other acronym that doesnt represent being a sexy woman with mad cooking abilities! SO all you over-indulgent women, demand a door to be opened for you and cook me some damn cookies.

I got something you can clean...starting with my laundry and ending with the dishes.

Can I kick it? Yes you can. 

What are you looking at. You aint a thundercat...Oh wait maybe you are. 

I would be down for marriage if this is what consummating the marriage looked like. 

I don't know about you but picnics are key with sandwiches. 

I wonder if Eva cares about taxes?

Oh dear goodness. 

Oh dear goodness part II. This is the sort of ass a man works his ass off his entire life to get up in that tulip. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

FUCK YOUR "No Strings Attached"

I was driving down Melrose last week and saw this billboard  for the new movie NO STRINGS ATTACHED..."Can SEX FRIENDS stay BEST FRIENDS"? This is fucking pathetic. What has Hollywood come to that this is how a movie is pitched to the public? I mean really now, I'm all for sex and drugs and being a whore but c'mon is this what we want to convey to our children as normality? Fuck Natalie Portman, fuck Ashton Kutcher and 100% fuck this movie.