Friday, November 19, 2010

The fine line that is drawn between art and mad porno art.

 So this guy Frank Luzian York is this artist who likes women I am assuming. Maybe he doesn't actually, but he paints some young salacious women with perky breasts.


So basically this is what a supermodel looks like...AFTER she has given birth to a child. She looks absolutely flawless and to be honest I totally have a shot with her when I meet her. I have a thing with girls that are super RICH/FAMOUS/DROP DEAD FUCKING GORGEOUS.

What is there to say about supermodels and equality in life that hasn't already been said about slavery?

No worries my Natalia...Send me a PIC!!!! You don't even have to send one of your friends too...But if you do, then I will surely reciprocate.

 Yes I like your name.

Shit comes out from here? Maybe it smells like roses
your vaginas and look at what natural beauty is.

Life is unfair when you dont get to sleep with women like this unless you're like me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to root for your football team

 These signs are useful when showing pride for your local high school football program. Starting from the top left, the "C" is a provocative sign that is meant to provoke the opposing team. The "C" means that the other team is of a lesser quality player. C squad. Not "A" squad material, which would precipitate all the popularity desired and massive amounts of attention from "Skirts". The "W" in the top right demonstrates an eminent win. Usually the "W" is used to establish the factual status of the game in which the team is clearly beating an opponent. The bottom left is a pointing "W", this is the sign used after the game that shows, "Yea man, see I told you we was gonna WIN!" The bottom right shows us two players running. Its easier to see this sign when accompanied with a flashlight in a dark place, which is were a lot of these signs originate. At camp.

Useful in communication with deaf people as well. These gentlemen show us two "C"'s together and the peace/love sign. Which essentially means all the grandstanding with sport shouldn't be taken too seriously. Its just a football match.

DFA makes me shake

This song is kinda fresh. I dont know if anyone bothers to download music files from my blog. IF you do let me know and i will post this song on here for a download.

The beat rock like Pete Rock

I've been listening to a lot of hip hop this week. Maybe its because I am short on chips or maybe because its the only music that speaks to my inner 213. "Don't get sliced like pizza", "I don't give a fuck for a skirt" Who was the guy that figured out to snort Cocaine? Can novacaine be cooked up and snooted? I don't really see the big deal with cocaine anyway. But that fast money is ALWAYS attractive. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome back

So I am writing after an extended trip to Asia...I must preface my explanation of absence with a quick statement on the country of China: "China is an awful awful place, bad food, bad pollution, bad booty's and get this...blogs are illegal in the mainland " With that being said I was surprised that the Chinese people were ridiculously nice and hospitable, the same can't be said about their horrible government.
Bong tokin ciggies in Shanghai. This guy was pretty radical in his approach

Lots of scooters in China. Lots.
 Your average sunny day in Nantong.
Not so bueno, and definitely not like a southern california blue sky day.
 Expo was going on, I didn't go...the thought of cueing up for hours just to see a video at some constructed pavilion didn't sound all that attractive. Maybe it was the fact that I grew up loathing disneyland or maybe its the fact that I heard the American Pavilion was the worst one(a video of Hillary Clinton talking about Lord knows what)!
Cockroaches of the sea...actually of the Nantong River, which has a delightful shade of brown to it. No thanks, I pass on river prawns.
Met some gypsy that tried to sell me a tiger claw. This ended up a typical gypsy con where they "bait and switch" saying its one price at the beginning only to quadrouple it as soon as they cut the claw. I started laughing when they were yelling and the crowd circled me and mimsy. It was pretty wild, it actually freaked out our guide who ended up calling the cops. I just paid the gypsy 20 RMB, which is like a little over $2USD. I sorta wanted to see a fight, but the gypsies bounced quickly.

Problems communicating with cab drivers. Sign language didn't work well either. After the whole trip to China I only learned how to say beer and thank you.
Kids practicing Tai Chi with swords at the park. Old men chillin out hard.
Construction everywhere in China, it was cool to see them use bamboo as the initial structure for their buildings.

Shanghai has some older parts of it, most of the city has been torn down to adapt to the modern architecture style. Apparently the communists in China hate the old traditions and as a result a lot of the old structures are quickly disappearing.
Super nice Chinese factory owner with his brother and son.
Your average Chinese shit hole. This wasnt even as bad as the bus stop shit trough or the outhouse in rural china.

More beautiful sunshine.

View from my hotel room. It was overlooking this part of the lake which was nice.